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We Have Won More Than $288 Million for
Victims of Domestic Violence.

“I know from personal experience the need crime victims have for effective legal representation 
directly against criminals.  However, such help was unavailable to most victims—until now.  I have 
found the Never Again Foundation to be the most innovative, powerful, and preeminent legal foundation helping abuse victims rebuild their lives with hope, justice, and healing.  I know of no other program like it.”

Denise Brown

Sister to Nicole Brown killed by O.J. Simpson;

Board Chair, Nicole Brown Charitable Foundation

Lawyers who are representing victims of domestic violence murder and need assistance, we are more than happy to consult with you.

We will help you win – for free.  We will help you ensure that the perpetrator does not profit from murder – but rather that the proceeds are directed to the innocent family – namely, your client.

The Never Again Foundation is the nations’ foremost legal charity whose mission is dedicated to helping families of murder victims ensure that the killer cannot profit from murder.    We exclusively focus on homicide cases – and the subsequent fight over life insurance policies and assets.  Our non-profit legal charity has received several awards for helping crime victims obtain justice, and our mission is bolstered by collaborative support from law schools enabling us to create a legal support team dedicated to helping you overcome legal hurdles you will face along the way.   We will help attorneys in all jurisdictions; both state and federal courts.  

We are confident we can help you expedite the resolution of this case faster and with increased probability of financial success – just as we have done by winning over $288 million in civil judgments for our crime victim clients over the past decade.  As you know, federal interpleader litigation arising from homicide is a very complicated and narrow niche of law.  Fortunately, our years of experience in homicide related civil litigation can make all the difference in maximizing your success.  Think of us as your legal secret weapon or special forces team.

We will ask you and/or your client to make a voluntary tax-deductible donation of 5% of the award to our non-profit mission (as many others have done before) - so we may continue our mission to serve other innocent victims of murder nationwide.  No contracts.  No guarantees.  You remain in complete control of the case.  In the end, the voluntary donation pledge is left entirely up to the discretion of you and/or your client.  We believe it will be a win/win for all by simply doing good and that good has a way of finding its way back home.

Please do not hesitate to call us at our office at 801-500-9077.  We look forward to helping you, and your clients win this case.