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Utah Homicide Survivors

Utah Homicide Survivors is a non-profit organization that will help and guide families of homicide victims through probate to legally obtain the assets that are rightfully yours and provide holistic legal representation following the death of a loved one.

We also file legal notices and lawsuits to disqualify the killer as an heir. Our mission is to prevent all killers from financially profiting from causing death, and instead fight to have the assets go to the rightful & appropriate family members of the victim. 

The Problem


After the murder of a loved one, many families feel lost. They are struggling to comprehend the death of their loved one. The feelings of being lost multiply when they attempt to work their way through the legal system. The court system can be confusing, even traumatic for some. 

Domestic Violence Murder

Perhaps the greatest tragedy is learning that a loved one was murdered by domestic violence. Too often, however, these same families are later shocked to learn that the killer was somehow inexplicably allowed to financially profit from the murder. 

In domestic violence deaths, the killer is usually the spouse, lover, or family member of the victim. As a result, the killer is often in the best position to know private financial information, including bank accounts, life insurance policies, and other assets of the victim.

While the rest of the family is grieving, the killer may attempt to profit from the crime. Even if the killer has already been caught and is in jail, the killer may drain the assets by mail, phone, or through acquaintances. Once the killer obtains the assets, it is nearly impossible to ever get the assets back, since the killer will usually spend or hide them.

Some states have enacted laws that demand that killers are to be disinherited and cannot profit from their crime. However, to many people’s surprise, this is not part of the criminal justice system. Rather, it is part of the civil justice system, and too often the families are not informed that they must also enforce the civil law until it is too late. Once families learn that the killer profited from the death of their loved one, they feel as if a second tragedy and injustice has been suffered at the hands of the killer. 

We Can Help

Utah Homicide Survivors is here to represent and guide families through the many court processes that are necessary after the death of a loved one. 

More than counseling, shelter, or education, legal representation is the most requested – and unmet – need of victims of homicide. Our office receives numerous frantic telephone calls from family members desperate to find an attorney to represent them in multiple areas of law.  The killer usually has no difficulty finding an attorney to take their case.

Recognizing this need, our program provides pro bono legal representation for families, children, and other victims of homicide in civil, family and probate court actions against the perpetrator to ensure the monetary assets go to the rightful heirs. No other non-profit organization or governmental agency in Utah provides these services on a pro bono basis. We also provide other services specifically tailored to our clients’ needs including: Stopping The Killer From Profiting From Murder; Becoming Rightful Beneficiaries; Receiving Life Insurance Proceeds; Debt Relief For Estates; Victims Compensation Application; Probate; Wrongful Death; Economic Restabilization; and Other Legal Proceedings Needed As A Result Of The Homicide Including: Guardianship, Divorce and Custody, Termination of Parental Rights, Conservatorships, Presumptive Death, Landlord/Tenant actions, and Recovery of Property from Police Custody.

Our cases are “impact cases” because each case we represent can have a significant and wide legal impact, setting legal precedents for crime victims. Our cases expose legal loopholes used by criminals and prompt systemic correction through new legislation, which benefits all crime victims.  

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