Hope, Justice, and


for Homicide Survivors

Our Mission:

To help families of homicide victims receive hope, justice, and healing


Many families of homicide victims feels lost, angry, isolated, and scared. We're here to help. Let us lift the burden of the navigating the courts and legal system off your shoulders.


We provide pro bono legal representation in the probate, family, and civil courts to families whose loved ones were murdered.


There's no measure for the pain families feel after losing a loved one to violent crime. We are here to help all homicide survivors with the resources needed to help them start the path to healing.

Our Pro Bono Legal Services

Hope, Justice, Healing

Utah Homicide Survivors is Utah’s only pro-bono legal services entity for families of homicide victims in Utah.  Utah Homicide Survivors provides holistic non-profit legal representation in the civil, probate and family courts. EIN # is 83-4139851.

While we strive to serve all families of homicide victims, we primarily represent families of domestic violence murder victims. The survivors of domestic violence murder victims, most often children, have been rendered “low income” due to the lack of control over the finances. Consequently, the families cannot find an attorney who will represent them without a large, upfront retainer.  Often this situation compels families to choose between going in to debt and supporting themselves, their children and any surviving children of the victim because they do not have the funds to take legal action.

Our cases are “impact cases” because each case we represent can have a significant and wide legal impact, setting legal precedents for crime victims. Our cases expose legal loopholes used by criminals and prompt systemic correction through new legislation, which benefits all crime victims.

When a family member is killed as a result of homicide, especially domestic violence homicide, it is important that the family act quickly to preserve assets and hold the killer accountable for their actions. 

If your family member has died as a result of homicide call us today to have one of staff members review your case.